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About Us

We Develop Large Scale Applications. Enosis Technology is a custom software development company specializes in developing software applications, business softwares and E-commerce websites. We primarily develop applications which automates day to day workflow of a company or organization and makes thier growth easier.

Enosis Technologies is a Software Services development company which involves several important stages like generating ideas, idea screening, concept testing, business analysis and market analysis, actual development of the product, test marketing and commercialization.

Dedicated outsourced team for your projects development and management can be provided as per your time zone with facilities like conferencing, Tracking, email and telephonic support. However, there is a minimum contract duration which has to be acknowledged

Skill & Expertise


Why Us?

Many Clients in the globe choose us, why? The mystery is because of Our Experienced Professionals and Technical Experts are always committed to exploring new strategy by using latest technology tools in a logical way and complete the mechanism in a stipulated time given by the Client and after Development our 24x7 Technical Support staffs are ready to help you in every condition when you need, that makes us different from our competitors.

Another reason is we are the best and renowned software development company in Bhubaneswar, India, and the best software company will provide you the best service before the time period. We have a strong working environment with professionalism and supportive work culture that attracts our professionals more creative. Our process of work, Technology we use and our value system is the backbone to providing best client satisfaction

How We Work?

Till date we have successfully developed many customized web applications, windows applications, website designs, ecommerce websites, mobile app development, Search engine optimizations and software testing service both nationally and internationally Our major goal is to provide the best and successful deployment of any type of software services anywhere in the world; because our product or service is more users friendly then our competitors.

Quality doesn’t mean an expensive way; it is always a best result of a high intension and credible effort. At Enosis Technology we provide a world class software development service with best quality; that is our best plan in a competitive world. We always concentrate in more and more improvement in our quality Service to attract a large number of clients globally.

Our Support

We strongly believe in a concept i.e. “Customer is King “. According to this concept we always focus that how much our product or services satisfy to our client, because our success comes from client’s success. Our 24x7 technical support staff is ready to respond you promptly when you need us. Now a day’s some software development companies are neglecting to provide after customer service due to any reason. But in our case; our previous client will say you better about after customer service made by us. We always feel proud in introducing ourselves as one of the best professional Software development company in Bhubaneswar, India.

Mostly we provide four types of support services to our client; these are telephonic or video call support, on-spot support, live chat support including message support and remotely support probably that makes us unique from our competitor.

Our_ Meto

Client Requirements

Here we get to know our clients requirements and what are the things on which our client's want to focus and what are their specific needs.

Gathering of Requirements

Once we collect all the requirements, our highly experienced developers analyze all the desires of the client and come up with the best techniques.

Discussion Phase

After analyzing our client's requirements, our team generates a proposal to satisfy all the clients requirement and after all consultation our team forward it to our core developers team.

Planning and execution of a project

When you are satisfy with our proposal, it is the job of our team to plan out and execute the project. We work hand in hand without clients so that we create the project you want.

Team Work

Our team works together without any communication gap and always try their best to fulfill the client needs.

Client Satisfaction

Our main motive is to complete our project within the time including all the objectives satisfied. After hand overing the product, we ensure that our client should be satisfied by our work and maintain a healthy relationship with our organization for future work also.